College Gate


For all round development of the students, different activities has been incorporated along with the regular academic course.



For improvement of the quality of games and sports, a new synthetic multiple court has been constructed in the college campus for Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton. For enhancing the quality of the students, coaching facility has also been arranged by the college..


College also has a well equipped gymnasium hall where high standard gymnasium equipments are available for all the members of the college..


The college has a Army wing of NCC since the rising of N. C.C. KRB Girls college was formed in 1993 under the initiative of then ANO, Lt. Chandana Sarma. It has been designated as platoon-10 of D-coy. Since then the cadets of the Platoon has been able to bring many laurals to the college.Every year a good number of cadets joins diffrent camps oraganised in different parts of the North East. Cadets are trained in tracking, firing, mountaneering, nursing, traffic control , rope climbing, para gliding etc.Under present CTO, Mrs Mallika Pegu several programmes has been successfully completed which helped in establishing preminence of the college in the entire region, Some of the activities under taken during 2018 under Mrs. Mallika pegu are:

* Observance of Surgical strike day

* Observance of Yoga day

.* N.C.C. day celebration.

.* Tree plantation and plant distriution.

.* Swachh bharat summer internshipcamp.

* Cultural progarmmme and guard of honour in Repubilc Day and in Independance day.

* More such programme are on the card in the years to come.



NSS wing of K. R.B. Girls College has been very actively working for the social upliftment of the neighbouring area of the college and also of the adopted village of the college, Pub -Dharapur village situated at the Azara area under Guwahati Metropolitan zone. The programme highlights of 2017-18 are

In the neighbouring area of the college

* Puppet show highlighting importance of nutricious diet at Bishnupur M.E School.

* Special Maths class at Horizon colony primary collge

. In the adopted village

* Programme on swacha bharat

* Art and craft training

* Training on handwashing for school children

*Tree Plantation

* G. K classes for primary Classes etc.

More such programmes have been palnned in the near future.


Career Guidance Cell:

College has a career guidance cell which also is actively working for all round development of the students. Several programmes has so far been arranged in collaboration with renowned organisations which helped the students in personality development, Career guidance and also campus recruitment.

Wi-Fi Campus:

The whole campus of the college has been converted into Wi-Fi campus, the advantage of which can be very fruitfully utilised by every member of the college..

Smart Class room

College also has smart class room which has been very advantageously used by the faculty members for teaching as well as for organising various programmes.

Computer laboratory:

College has a very well equipped air conditioned computer laboratory with twenty computers, server and printer for computer training of the students and interested members of the college. So far two certificate courses has been completed for the students of the college, which benefitted the students immensely.