From the Principal desk

I feel proud to introduce you that K.R.B Girls College is the second provincialsed women college in Guwahati, which was established on 14th April,1971 at the iniative of some social thinker and worker for advancement of women education in Assam.In course of time, the college has succeeded in positioning itself as a leading institute with relatively good infrastructure, Library, Canteen, Hostel (under construction), UGC sponsored various courses, Computer Laboratory with other activities like N.C.C, N.S.S etc

The main motto of our college is advancement of women education in Assam. So, the college is striving for the enlightenment, progress and development of the young women in our society. It is our rendevour to improve the quality of education and to accommodate to the day-to-day changes in the field of higher education.

I express my sincere thanks to the honourable president and member of the governing body of our college for their constant help and guidance for the development of this institution. I am also thankful to all stakeholders including teaching and non-teaching staff, library staff, students, guardian, public, UGC, Govt. and Gauhati university authority for their help and co-operation for making our dream come true.